Gain Your Prospects Trust By Offering A Strong Guarantee

The best kind of guarantees are ones that are tied to very specific results.  Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

A few years a product launched called 4-Minute Squeeze Page, we’re going to take a look at the guarantee for that.  There’s a couple good illustrations there how you can do this.  One of the first things you see on the page is this — “Guaranteed to double your money back.  How to create a 25 percent converting squeeze page in under 4 minutes.”  Then, when you look at the guarantee, there is absolutely no risk.  The text reads:  “This package comes with a double your money back guarantee.  If, in the next 56 days,” ( a very specific number ) “you can show me one squeeze page you created that took you longer than 4 minutes to create and it didn’t convert at 25 percent or better, just let me know and I’ll send you double your money back.”

In this case the product creator made the guarantee bold and tied it to a specific result. If the buyer can’t create a squeeze page in 4 minutes or less and have it convert at 25 percent, all they need to do is show the seller in the next 56 days.  So it’s tied to a specific result.

Note the offer does not say anything about guaranteeing your money back.  You are guaranteeing they’re going to have this amazing result or get their money back.  The product creator even made it part of the opening copy, effectively selling the guarantee right away.  “You can do this or you’re going to get double your money back.”  This offer stood out and sold very well thanks to the double your money back guarantee.

And so all of those things are super duper important because it’s absolutely going to sell out because by doing something no one else in the industry typically does, which is offer you double your money back.  Make it part of the opening copy, and always tie your guarantee to a specific result.

When you’re creating your guarantees, you should do the same thing.  The inspiration for this comes from marketing legend Gary Halbert.  What you’re going to want to do is create a “swipe file” by finding all the great ads with the best guarantees you can find that are tied to specific results. You are looking for examples that really stand out. Then what you’re going to do is whenever you have to write sales copy, you just look at those.  After a bit of practice it just becomes natural.

That is how you can overcome skepticism by leading with a strong guarantee.