Not All Autoresponder Emails Are Created The Same…

You need to understand that there are different types of autoresponder emails you can focus on. The most important thing to know is that you can make these whatever you need and want them to be.

Find people in your niche who are successful at email marketing. Join their lists. Pay close attention to what those successful email marketers tend to load up into their autoresponder sequences. Think about ways you can use the techniques they make use of to produce email sequences that meet the needs of your audience.

Relationship building is vital to your success as an email marketer. You want people to feel like they come away with a lot of value when they read your emails. Your ultimate goal is to make sales, of course.

Always start by loading up your welcome email as the first email. This is the autoresponder email new subscribers will get right after they sign up. This email is designed to show your new subscribers that you are a real person.

People respond to those they feel a connection to in some way. Your welcome email is your best opportunity to establish a connection to your list.

Statistics prove that people are far more likely to open an email right after they have subscribed to a new list. Additionally, the chances of a new list member ever opening one of your emails continue to diminish as time goes by.

After your welcome email, you might want to include an informative email.

Discuss some pain points for the solution you intend to offer in the remainder of your autoresponder series. Hint that you will share a solution with them next.

Next, you might include an email that includes some information showing how your solution can ease the pain and a soft sell. The following email would focus on a clear, more direct sales message.

You can add as many emails to the sequence as you like. Break it up. Alternate emails focused on giving great information, with ones designed build relationships, emails focused on making sales, and others a mixture of all the above.

How Often To Schedule Autoresponder Emails to Go Out

There’s no simple answer as to how frequently you should schedule autoresponder emails to go out. You might want them to be sent more frequently in the beginning when you’re first getting on people’s radar. Then, you might want to taper the autoresponder emails off after that, sending one or two a week.

Be sure to take into consideration how often you plan to send out your broadcast emails. You don’t want to flood people’s email inboxes with emails that you send as a broadcast and those that go out according to your autoresponder schedule.

If you’re stuck for what to do, try sending 7 emails up to go out every other day. Then schedule the remaining emails to go out twice a week. Load up enough emails to last you for a year or so. Change out links and update the emails when needed. Consider writing autoresponder emails that are more evergreen so they’ll always be relevant.

What to Promote In Autoresponder Emails

One of your toughest decisions might be what exactly to promote in your autoresponder series emails. One strategy is to create mini-sequences for each of your own products. Then you write a series of three emails to promote each product. The first more informative, the second with a soft sell, and the last with a direct call to action.

You could chose to promote products as an affiliate marketer with your emails. Think about what your audience will most likely respond to. You might look back through past broadcast emails you’ve sent and see what sold best to your list. Then modify those broadcast emails as required and load them in your autoresponder sequence.

Never promote something just in order to have something to send out. Promote products only because you know members of your audience will really benefit from it.

Sequences of Three

Using sequences of just three emails can be a highly effective tactic to use in your email marketing. These have proven to work well in my experience.

Most people require a warm up before they’ll buy something. They also need to feel they know like, and trust you before they are going to click on any links and buy anything.

So by all means introduce yourself in the first email. This does not need to be your life story, or some kind of resume. Be brief, but personal. Tell them what your favorite things to do are, who you are as a person. It’s hard to like someone you know nothing about. Become a person to them, not just a name on the “from” column.

Let them know how often they are going to hear from you. If you are going to send out an email a day, tell them that. Only send out once a month or week? Tell them.

Next, you can pique their interest and make them realize that they really have a problem that needs a solution in the first email. Then, you can continue by stirring their emotions while making a soft sell for a product that will solve that problem in the second email. The third email can be a more direct sell of the product with a call to action.

With some things it pays to use alternative thinking. Because it’s easy for people to get into a rigid mindset we often need to have our way of thinking challenged in order to realize that something could be of use to us.

You can look at the product from a different angle in each of the next two emails. Try ignoring the obvious, you should have established that with your first email.

This puts the product in front of people multiple times. You can get higher conversion rates with this strategy. Test different sequences and different ways of presenting these sequences to see what will work best for your audience.

Tweaking Your Autoresponders Over Time

One of the best things about creating autoresponder series for your email marketing is that they are pretty much a set it and forget it proposition. Just load up your sequence, and let it do it’s magic, to the delight your audience and lovely cha-ching of more sales for you.

But you might find that you want or need to tweak some emails over time. New information might come to light. You might have a brand new product you want to showcase or you maybe you have improved one of your past products.

If you promote products that have limited launch dates as an affiliate you must update them before they become out of date.

Every once in a while, go through your autoresponder sequence and see what you can tweak and change. For the most part, things can stay the same provided you promote evergreen products. This can save you a huge amount of time so you can focus on other things in your business.

Write Emails and Profit

Write emails and profit…

It’s not just a pipe dream. That’s the result of focusing on writing great autoresponder emails then letting them work their MoJo. Write, load, schedule, and profit. This is one way you can create powerful assets for your business with just a bit of effort for a few minutes each day.

In return, you get an autoresponder series that will make you money for years to come.