How to Generate Leads Online Without Facebook Ads

Online lead generation is the greatest struggle for businesses. Whether you’re a local business or one that sells worldwide, your ability to generate leads online will determine whether your business will last in today’s tech era.

This video shows you how to generate leads online without using Facebook ads. Instead, you’ll learn different methods you may have never thought of.

There is a lot of information out there claiming that Facebook is the best channel for lead generation. While it may be great, it might not be the best fit for B2B lead generation. Facebook is a unique medium that requires a thorough understanding of user intention.

Business lead generation may be better suited for networks like LinkedIn, Quora or through organic SEO rankings.

Follow these lead generation strategies and tactics to get more leads and ultimately build a bigger business for yourself.

A few of the topics covered here include generating leads through Facebook groups, Quora, Pinterest and joint webinars.

Take things step-by-step and focus on providing value to others which will, in turn, build trust towards your brand.

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