Now, why targeted lead generation? Why not just focus on anybody with a pulse like most companies advise us to? Well, imagine taking the finest steak, the best tasting steak ever found on planet Earth, and trying to sell that steak to a group of vegetarians.

You’re probably not going to sell very many, are you?

This is why targeted lead generation is so essential. You’re not wasting your time or money trying to run down people who have little or no interest in running a business. Let alone, no skills to run a business.

Also, if you’ve ever tried calling opportunity leads from a purchased leads list, you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve never done that, I highly recommend that you do it at least once, just to see what I’m talking about.

When these leads do answer the phone, which is about 20% of the time, you find yourself talking to a factory worker or truck driver who has no interest in starting a business whatsoever.

Most of the time, they don’t even remember filling out an online form.

So, once you recognize that you’ve got to do targeted lead generation, who do you target? Well, if you’re a network marketer, the obvious first choice is other network marketers. Why? Don’t they already have a company?

Yes, but most of them aren’t doing so well. Many are always looking for something better. If you can show them why they would be better off with you, you’ll attract a lot of them.

How do you do that? Well, you don’t lead with your primary company. Don’t get into things like, “My company is better than yours because blah, blah, blah.”

That won’t win over anybody.

What you want to do is to focus on delivering value to other network marketers. What am I talking about?

Once you find out what company they’re with, offer them tools to help them market their company more efficiently. You can use MLSP or Magnetic Sponsoring, or whatever other tool you’re using in your business.

This will get them on your email list, and you can keep providing them with good, solid value.

Another group to target is sales professionals. While not as effective as network marketers, these are usually highly motivated individuals who are driven to succeed.

A third group when considering targeted lead generation is business owners. I put these third because, although you’re talking to people who already run a business, many of them are landscapers or carpenters, and have no intention of seriously looking at other ways to make money.

The fact that they already run a business, however, makes them attractive, and any targeted lead generation campaign should include these kinds of people.