How to Create a Video Sales Letter in under 1 Hour

00:00:00 – How To Rapidly Create A Video Sales Letter
00:00:12 – First things first …
00:00:36 – What is a Video Sales Letter?
00:00:50 – Hollywood Production?
00:01:07 – You don’t need all that …

In this video you’re going to discover how you can use video sales letters to get more buyers of your products, you’ll lean what a video sales letter actually is and I’m going to show you how to create one in minutes.

So first, a bit of background. A lot of folks get confused about what a Video Sales Letter is, and I want to clarify this because it’s important, and you really need to understand this because it when you implement a Video Sales Letter, your understanding of it will actually affect how many sales you make, i.e money in your pocket.

When a lot of folks hear the term Video Sales Letter, they think of a traditional sales letter web page with a video at the top, or maybe just a page with nothing else on screen except a video.

Now, when you think about the actual video in one of these, a lot of folks assume that what makes a great video sales letter is some 30 minute, heavily edited onslaught of video footage and multi media that has almost hollywood production quality.

Those videos are great, but they’re not videos sales letters in the true sense, and more importantly, those videos are incredibly expensive and time consuming to produce.

A real Video Sales Letter is actually nothing more than a pre-written script, that’s simultaneously being narrated and shown on screen at the same time, exactly like this video.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, why on earth would a video that essentially looks basic and ugly …

result in more sales than the big hollywood mega-production format?

Well the answer lies with a very well known marketer called Ryan Deiss, who actually popularised the term video sales letter

and more importantly, has tested this format against other video formats to see what works the best.

Ryan found this format works the best, because although it lacks visual appeal, it’s essentially …

attacking two of your senses – eyes and ears – with the same message, making it very hard to ignore.

To use this format, you’ve really got to have a very, very polished, well written script and an engaging audio narration …

otherwise your viewers will turn off in droves. But if your message is concise, relevant and valuable, this format can really work.

So the next question is, how do you produce a video sales letter? Well, let me show you how this video has been made right now …

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