Becoming Attractive As a Seller

We buy from those whom we know, like, and trust. Simple enough statement. But how exactly do you make all that happen?

Short answer, put yourself out there.

I know…

Easier said than done on several levels.

There are some easy things you can do that will help get the ball rolling. If you have a list, do your emails contain a photo of you? Having a face to associate with a name is a major human mechanism for remembering people.

Take advantage of that trait every chance you get.

Add your image to your emails, your sales pages, your thank you pages, about us page, you can even add them to your blog posts if you like.

Speaking of your blog posts, don’t be afraid to inject some personal touches to your content. People identify with those with whom they have something in common with.

Your readers are not going to know little things about you. But sharing those little things like your favorite author (Stephen King) or where you live, (Arizona) helps people to construct a mental picture of you.

They might not know everything, but they will feel closer.

This especially applies to your email marketing. One of the most important jobs your welcome email should serve is to introduce you to your new list member.

If you are not sending a welcome/introductory email to every person who signs up to one of your lists then start doing that right away.

Add An Exit Popup To Your Sales Pages

Love them or hate them, they work. The best strategy seems to be offering something related to the offer on the page to the prospect for free in your popup.

By providing them with useful information you can show your prospects that you can indeed help them. That knowledge is your first tick in in the “trust” box.

A properly constructed followup series should take care of the rest giving you a sale you wouldn’t have gotten had you not prolonged the “courtship” with your prospect by using a popup.

Overcome Skepticism With Your Guarantee

By far the easiest way is with a strong guarantee.  This is absolutely the best thing.  I talk to clients, and man, if you use a guarantee in industries that don’t normally use guarantees, you just kill it.

Years ago I ran a very successful landscaping business. One of the services I pushed was weed control. I guaranteed that if my customer had a single weed pop up in their yard all they had to do was call me up and I’d be out to take care of it.

Now I charged a fee based on the square footage of the yard and the natural features of the terrain that might render the process I was using less effective. Once I got this down to a science, I made a bunch of money for just a few hours of work twice a year. This was super easy to sell because it’s the ultimate guarantee.

I worked in the same neighborhoods all the time so it was no problem to stop by and kill a couple of weeds down the street. People loved the fact that I stood behind my guarantee and I made a killing. Moral of the story?

You need a strong guarantee.

We will go deeper into guarantees and other ways to overcome skepticism in the next post…