Make Affiliate Review Videos

Here’s a quick video showing you how I make my affiliate video reviews for this channel. Below are links to tools I use and other resources you may be interesed in.

How To Use A Bridge Pages As An Affiliate

In this video, I briefly walk you through an example of why and how to use a bridge page. You need some sort of bridge page so you can capture the email from the potential buyer and so you can follow up with them and send them other offers. All your job is… Bridge the […]

Free YouTube Call To Action Overlay

in this video, i will show you, how to create call to action overlay on a YouTube video for free. This feature is really good and has many benefits like you can promote your other video, or you can promote your website, or you can add product link or sponsor link, and you may get […]

How To Write Content For Your Affiliate Site

NEED CONTENT for an Amazon Affiliate website? That’s exactly what I want to talk about today. My name is Doug Cunnington and I’m the founder of Niche Site Project where I talk about Internet marketing, amazon affiliate sites, and project management. So, back in 2013 I started my niche site after I came across the […]

Create Affiliate Review Sites

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog or website. When you sign up as an affiliate, you can get a cut of every product that is purchased through your site. That cash can really add up, allowing you to benefit from something you love doing anyway. Many affiliates sweeten the pot even […]

How To Create Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Using Webinars And Google Hangouts

Using Webinars and Google Hangouts as an Affiliate It’s sometimes difficult to think of new and exciting ways to get traffic for the products you’re promoting as an affiliate. You can write articles, pay for traffic, mail your list, and things like that. It’s important to use methods that are fresh and different from what […]

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Step By Step (Beginner Strategy)

Affiliate Marketing The BEST Way To Start Making Money Online

Welcome To Today’s Video – Affiliate Marketing The BEST Way To Start Making Money Online My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online.

Getting Your Subscribers Addicted To Your Emails

Getting People Addicted to Your Content It’s also important to stand out as an email marketer. You don’t want to do the same old thing everyone else is doing. This means finding a unique angle for your brand and showcasing your personality. Make your content interesting in addition to that. People won’t want to open […]