Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Retargeting Ads

The NEW beginner’s guide to Facebook Retargeting Ads 2019 answers key questions like ‘what is the FB tracking pixel’ and ‘how do I set up Custom Audiences’. It’s also where you can find examples of Facebook retargeting ad campaigns done RIGHT, along with expert tips to help you start your own retargeting ads off on the right foot.

00:40 Step one, install Facebook Pixel
00:56 – How to create a FB Pixel
01:24 Step two, custom audiences
01:40 – How to set up a custom audience for Facebook
02:27 Step three, optimize Retargeting Ad – with good example of Facebook retargeting from Social Media Examiner & Scoro
03:24 – How to set up ads in Facebook Ads Manager
03:50 Special TIP for effective Facebook retargeting
05:07 Other ways to tweak your retargeting ads

Creator & host: Chia-Luen Lee

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According to recent studies, 74% of all online shopping carts across the world are abandoned. This means that roughly 3 out of every 4 people who visit your site will add something to their cart, and then leave without making a purchase.

You can try to recover an abandoned cart with email remarketing, or by improving your checkout process, but Facebook retargeting ads may be even more effective. This is largely due to the sheer size and scope of the platform – with the number of daily active users on Facebook having grown to nearly 1.5 billion (which is nearly 1/5th of the world’s population), it’s likely that more people will click on a retargeting ad that appears in their own Facebook feed – than will open that remarketing email or go back to your website on their own.

So how do you set up Facebook retargeting ads to recover an abandoned cart? And how can you optimize the ad itself? These are some really good questions which I’ll to try to answer inside this video:

1. The first thing you want to do is install the Facebook Pixel on your site. This is like sticking a tracking device on anyone who visits your webpage, so you can find them on Facebook and show them retargeting ads there. Luckily, Facebook makes this pretty easy – you can do everything yourself. Just go to your Facebook Ads Manager, and from the menu, click on ‘Pixels’. If this is your first Pixel, you’ll need to name it. Once you have the code, it’s just a matter of pasting it between the “H” tags for your website header. You can set up Events like ‘Add to Cart’ to track shoppers who’ve added stuff to their carts, specify cart value and currency, or whether a special item has been added, and then just paste the new script as an inline action or on a new page if needed. And this is what lets you retarget your website visitors on Facebook.

2. The second thing you want to do is set up Custom Audiences. Your Custom Audience is who you want to retarget on Facebook – in this case, that’s people who have been to your website, put something in their shopping carts, but then left before making a purchase.

Creating a Custom Audience isn’t difficult, but first you want to make sure your Pixel is installed. After that, head to Audience in your Ads Manager, select “Custom Audience” and create a new one. To set this up for abandoned carts, start by selecting the ‘Add to Cart’ Event. And make sure you exclude customers who DID purchase something to avoid annoying them. (You can definitely show retargeting ads to customers who purchased items in their carts for cross-selling or upselling, but that’s for another video.)

Showing Facebook retargeting ads to shoppers with abandoned carts is a good way to remind them to finish what they started. And, even if they just wanted to check shipping costs or they’re still on the fence, you know the interest is there, so a retargeting ad that offers free shipping or a small discount might be just the push that they need to turn them into your customers.

3. Now, the third thing that you want to do is optimize the ad itself. Social Media Examiner has an example of really effective Facebook retargeting from Scoro. They set up a Custom Audience for people who had visited one of their landing pages about project management, and showed them retargeting ads that talked specifically about how to manage projects. Since their buyer cycle is a bit longer, they served those ads to website visitors from the past 60 days, instead of the standard 30.

Scoro started with a small Custom Audience, about 2000 people, but that generated 12 leads…

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