A Simple Tip for your Video Distribution

Video Syndication is a real problem for a lot of people. I constantly see people making videos and simply not distributing them properly to get the best results!

This is where Video Syndication comes in!

Yes! You should be making content and videos every single day! You should be creating the highest quality videos that you can possibly make to ensure that you are serving your audience before trying to sell them.
Capture pages do an amazing job of selling for you. Focus on the content. Let your blog do the heavy lifting. Let your capture page do its job.

So let’s talk video distribution. What can you do with your videos to help you get them out there into the world. In front of new eyes, new friends, and potentially new customers.

Ideally video distribution starts organically. What are 5 Ideas that you have right now to help you distribute your content? Can you do some video syndication on Facebook?

Absolutely! Share your video to your Fan Page. Share your raw file video to your personal page. Maybe we can share this in a few groups as well. This doesn’t take long. In fact I’d say it’s bordering on 30 Minutes do do all these things.

Create a list that you can use now! An easy and simple checklist will be most effective and useful for getting higher engagement and higher video distribution.

Video syndication, does not have to long or very difficult. And it will give you the best results possible. Start organically, think simple video distribution. FB, Twitter, wherever you have an audience.

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