There are many different things that go into writing effective sales copy. For the best results you want to get it all right. Your goal should be to make your sales copy so effective that your target audience simply can’t help but buy your product.

Robert-Owen-Wahl / Pixabay

With all the focus on creating a compelling sales copy there’s something far too many people miss when it comes to writing great copy. The most important piece of a great promotion is not the copy, it’s the offer itself.

You could have the most carefully crafted sales copy in the world, but with a lackluster offer you may indeed accomplish your goal of get people to read down to the bottom of your sales letter, but they still aren’t going to buy.ecstatic-2821540_640

On the other hand you may have horrible sales copy but still make sales, at least to the brave ones who make it to the bottom of the page and see how enticing your offer is.

Remember, the object here is to get people to BUY. What you are shooting for here is to make your offer so good that the rest of the copy is almost superfluous. You want people to see your offer and buy right away, without even bothering to look at the sales page because the offer is just that good.

Does Your Offer Stack Up?

So, is your offer really so good that people can’t stand to pass it up?

Yes, it’s important to have great copy and to use the psychology of sales when writing copy. But, the real test is can your offer stand alone and still convert well?


Think about your current offer. Are people blown away when they see all they’re getting?

Bonuses can add a great deal to the value of a product, but only when they are well matched to the main offer. Think about your offer within the context that it will be used, what else will they need to make the most out of your offer.

Want to sell more high ticket products?  The same principle holds true with big ticket items. Wow people with everything that’s included in your offer. Add so much perceived value that it’s instantly visible that your offer is amazing and they would be crazy to pass it up.

You can also introduce scarcity to your offer to get people who are “on the fence” to take advantage of the opportunity. If your offer is available only for a very limited time and will soon be completely gone, possibly forever, then many more people will be sure to take you up on that offer right away.

This taps into the basic human fear commonly referred to as FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out. The very idea that others, (very possibly even their direct competition in their niche!) could use the product to gain a competitive edge is often enough to prompt a sales frenzy.

However, even scarcity can not save a B.S. offer. Poop is smelly, there’s no way around it. Take the effort to make your offer too good to pass up and you will always be well rewarded for your efforts.