Autoresponder Series: Setting Up Your Most Valuable Asset

In this post I’m going to explain how to use autoresponders effectively in your email marketing. Learn how to do this and you can completely transform your email marketing into your number one asset to the benefit of both you and your business.

What Are Autoresponder Emails?

Autoresponder emails are simply marketing emails that go out on a schedule. All professional autoresponder companies, like Aweber and GetResponse, in addition to allowing you to manage your lists and store your emails, you also have the option to schedule them to be sent on a certain date, at a time you choose.

The benefit of autoresponder emails is that there are bound to be times when you don’t want the same email to go out to everyone on your list at the same time. You want someone who joins your list today to get the first email in a sequence. You want someone who joins your list next week to get the first email in a sequence.

Autoresponders are really convenient. People can get your emails in the order you want them to get them in. This also allows you to do a lot of your email marketing hands-off. You don’t have to manually do everything. You can schedule autoresponder emails to go out and set up a list-building funnel that works for you day and night.

The emails might be informative, promote your products, or promote the products of others. That’s up to you, the important part is if you want hands free income you need to use autoresponder series in your email marketing.

How an Autoresponder Account Works

Take some time to log into your autoresponder account so you can get a feel for how it works. If you don’t yet have an autoresponder account, Aweber is the company I use, and they are a great option. Read through the help pages if you have any problems.

You’ll set up a list and add in all of your information. If you have never done that, then just watch the video here to see how it’s done…

Adding Your First List To Your Autoresponder Account

Then, you can load up a sequence of autoresponder emails and determine the intervals between when the emails go out. You might load up 7 emails and schedule one to go out every day, every 3 days, or whatever works for you.

Don’t spread out the time between emails too far. The main purpose of any email autoresponder series is to engage your prospect and keep their interest peaked. Waiting too long between emails can cause you to lose their attention to the others flooding their inbox with shiny objects. For most situations you probably want to stick to a maximum of three day between emails in an autoresponder series.

The exception to that is if you are providing actionable content in your autoresponder series that the prospect needs to complete before receiving the next email. In that case be sure to check in every couple of days to help your prospects stay on track.

Never done it? See this video for directions…

How To Create And Schedule A Followup Email Marketing Sequence For Your Autoresponder Account