Boosting Conversions With Video Sales Letters


Most of the time, you really have to shake things up to make more sales in online marketing. You don’t want to always do the same thing everyone else is doing. Video Sales Letters or VSLs as they are called in the business, are an exception to this rule.

Having a video on your sales page has been proven to improve conversions by a whopping 60+ percent. Using a video on your sales page is just that important.

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That can be scary, to be sure. We all get into a pattern we’re used to and familiar with. Stepping outside of that can seem nothing short of horrifying. It’s much more comfortable to just keep doing the same old, same old.

There’s one way you can spruce up your sales letters without stepping too far outside of your comfort zone, however. Hopefully this won’t seem too scary at all. I’ve personally had good results from this method, and it’s something I might do even more of in the future.

This ‘out of the box’ way to spruce up your sales letters is to create video sales letters.

Not sure you can create video? You can. Not sure a video sales letter will convert? It absolutely can.

Think about the way video is used on the web in today’s society. Video is often passed around and shared on social media. It’s more easily digestible. Even if someone doesn’t think they have time to read what amounts to being a wall of text, they have the time to watch a video that’s just a few minutes long.

Let’s go back to the part about video being so much easier to digest. Even those who really enjoy reading might skip reading through your sales letter. That’s a problem.

You spend a lot of time trying your best to write words that will captivate people. Even if you write a really great, captivating sales letter, you might lose out on some who would be interested in what you’re selling, simply because they don’t want to read through the sales letter.

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Having a video sales letter can save sales for you. A great, high converting video sales letter can help you earn more money. What’s more, it can sometimes be easier and even quicker to create than a long form, text sales letter. That might be exactly what you need.

I know what you might be thinking—there certainly are some people who have no desire to watch a video. They’d much rather scan text than spend time watching a video, however short.

It is definitely important to make sure a video sales letter is something your audience will support. There’s no sense in going this route if you know for an absolute fact that no one else is using video in your market and/or others have tried to use video in the past and it hasn’t worked out. That’s something that’s really important to know.

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However, it could be worth testing with your audience in particular.  They might really respond to a video sales letter in a way that surprises you.

One of the smartest things you can do in my opinion is make use of the best of both worlds. Why not have a typical, written sales letter as well as a video sales letter? Those who want to read can read and those who want to watch can watch. Often, if someone is really interested, they’ll end up doing both.

Some people will find themselves captivated in a way they didn’t think they could be with a video sales letter. Some will be “caught” by the video sales letter when they would have just clicked away otherwise. That’s what you’re going for.