Rating Autoresponders For Internet Marketing

As stated in earlier posts, I personally use Aweber. GetResponse, and SendLane are also great choices for people promoting digital products.

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Aweber is considered the “Gold” standard in professional autoresponders by many. They have earned their reputation by delivering countless emails for many top email marketers reliably for longer than anyone else.

Aweber probably has the easiest user interface to learn of all the autoresponder services listed here. Add that to their very complete free training and you have a great choice for those who are new to email marketing.

Over the past several years Aweber has added multiple automation features to their platform. Unlike Aweber in general the automation features are actually pretty self explanatory and easy to use.

Don’t be put off about Aweber being “hard to learn” as there’s a wealth of free information available on mastering this very trusted autoresponder company.

GetResponse is by far the hardest service for email marketers to use affiliate links on. If you plan on using GetResponse and you primarily promote affiliate products you will need to use a URL shortener or link cloaker of some kind unless you want to create a landing page on one of your sites for every

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GetResponse has better automation features than the others listed with the exception of Active Campaign which offers a true CRM allowing you to segment users into target groups by the actions they take.

Active Campaign is not featured here because it is a true CRM, and carries the appropriate big price tag placing Active Campaign out of the scope of this post.

SendLane is somewhere in the middle with analytics and automation. SendLane is very popular among digital marketers because they don’t make a fuss about affiliate links.

Founded by well known marketer Jimmy Kim, SendLane is known as the “Internet Marketers Autoresponder” because Kim designed the company to serve Internet marketers.

Most of the marketers I know who have used SendLane say the deliverability is as good or better than Aweber and GetResponse.

SendLane has a relatively simple interface so it’s easy to maneuver where you need to be and do what you need to do without having to sit through extensive training. and sports opt in form templates made for digital marketers doing email marketing.

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There are many other autoresponder companies out there, but the services listed above are affordable and time-tested. No matter what you’re doing in business, you’ll typically be covered with either SendLane, Aweber or GetResponse.

Many people like MailChimp, just note that they don’t tend to care for those who promote affiliate offers, so that’s something to remember if you’re an affiliate marketer.

Take a look at the help documents and different offers of these three companies, or of another reputable company someone whom you trust has recommended to you.

Don’t Wait Another Day

Hopefully, you can see that paying a little bit of money ($10-$20 a month to start) is well worth it when it comes to getting your emails delivered, easily managing your list, having tools to build your list, getting your emails opened, and oh yea, making sales.