An Overview of A Complete Branding Strategy

In order to brand yourself, you’re going to have to get your name out there on the web. You’re going to help people, differentiate yourself from the competition, and spread your name far and wide. You are going to put a focus on providing value to the people of your niche. You want to appear helpful, demonstrate your expertise, and be present by networking whenever you get the chance.

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You are going to be putting up web properties to get your name out there and start to build an audience. This should include creating a blog, being present on social media, and taking advantage of other branding opportunities.

You are going to create a consistent image for yourself and your brand. For instance, you might consider creating a consistent look, including colors and graphics, across all platforms you belong to. You’ll streamline your graphics, your interactions, your free and paid materials, and so on.

This is a real business, so you’re going to treat it that way from the very start. This part of the process is done a little bit each day, not for hours upon hours each day. Once you set it up, you really only have to check in every now and then, a little bit at a time. Branding yourself doesn’t have to be time-consuming, you just have to focus on staying in touch with what’s going on in your niche and making sure you are a consistent and helpful presence.

Figure out Your Unique Selling Proposition

You really need to figure out why people should pay attention to you. You need to figure out what it is about you that sets you apart from everyone else. This is so important that it needs its own section. This is how you build your brand, get more sales, and really succeed online. There’s a lot of competition out there, so there has to be a reason people will be turning to you.

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Consider what is so special about you and your brand. What do you bring to the table that no one else can? Remember, it might be something about you, your approach, your methods, and so on. You have to figure out what you have to offer that no one else does.

Very few people follow copycats. People follow others that bring some “special sauce” to their lives.

This is number one when branding yourself. If you just blend in with the crowd, there’s no reason for people to pay any attention to you and to join your list. You have to declare that you are the best at something. This can make you a little bit uncomfortable if it’s not something you’re used to. But when you keep in mind that your main goal is to help people, and that you can provide something that no one else can, it gets a little bit easier to brand yourself and to push your USP.

Once you figure out what sets you apart, you are going to use it in all your marketing materials. Think about the slogans and concepts other marketers and businesses have. I’ve branded myself as the 5 Buck A Day guy – breaking Internet marketing down and making it approachable and achievable for absolutely everyone. Consider the slogans and the USPs of the companies and the people you admire.

Really do some brainstorming, take some time on this. Once you figure out your unique selling proposition, it becomes so much easier to make headway in this business. You can use your USP when trying to attract an audience, trying to get people to join your list, and when making sales.

Don’t give up before you figure out your USP. Absolutely every person in every business has a USP or can easily develop one. You need to have knowledge of your marketplace and your niche, what people need and want, and what you bring to the table. Figure this out and make sure you have it firmly in your mind because it will guide you with everything you do in your business.