First, before writing a sales email, make sure you know the basics of what your target market cares about. What are their pains, fears, hopes, and dreams? What keeps them up at night? What resonates with them emotionally?

Second, a good sales email needs to have a bullet-proof structure – one that instantly grabs the reader’s attention and elegantly guides them toward your call to action. Direct-response copywriting techniques make a HUGE difference here, so you should definitely write the email body from a copywriter’s perspective.

In this case, the main structure was the following:
-Interrupt them with an unexpected, attention-grabbing subject line.
-Start with a compelling hook that connects with the reader at an emotional level
-Have a smooth transition between the hook and the offer (that doesn’t feel forced)
-Present an irresistible offer, listing the most desirable benefits
-Build up desire that gets their juices flowing and blood pumping
-Add strategic (and genuine) scarcity and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
-Close with an explicit, powerful call to action

Third, remember, people will put off their buying decision if you don’t give them a sufficiently powerful reason to buy now. You have to knock them off the fence by introducing scarcity, and explicitly telling them what to do next with a direct call to action.

Finally, don’t be afraid to sell people when they covertly ‘want you to sell them’. If you have a great product, your intentions are genuine, and you can give value to people – then you have absolutely nothing to worry about! In fact, it’s kind of your duty to sell them the thing that can actually make their lives better.