Gary Halbert Copywriting | Water Ad Sales Letter (Part 1)

The Gary Halbert Letter is famous for being one of the most useful and timeless resources for copywriters out there. And it’s free. Breaking down the Gary Halbert water ad, you can learn how this sales letter set the stage for the most successful copywriting of today… Link to Gary Halbert’s famous Water Ad:

Write Sales Letters That Sell

In this video, Mark Hale gives his top tips on how you can write sales letters that will sell. Mark Hale is the CEO of Wilson Print Marketing USA and has been helping small businesses grow for the last 10+ years.

How to write a Sales Letter –

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John Carlton Copywriting How to Start Writing a Sales Letter

John Carlton’s hot seat is for Jack. He is a lawyer who wrote a letter for a client, a doctor who is creating a franchise system to sell a natural product that gives people more energy. In this clip, John tells him how to get started writing a letter. John’s advice: There is a disconnect. […]

Master Persuasive Copywriting

Master Persuasive Copywriting For Your Sales Letters, Opt-In Pages & More

9 Sales Letter Emotional Triggers

How To Write A Sales Letter, Effective Marketing Letter: Craig Garber, Best-selling author of “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” reveals… 9 Emotional Buy-Buttons & how to push them

Analysis of Gary Halbert’s Coat-of-Arms Sales Letter

The “Coat of Arms” sales letter was one of the most mailed and successful direct marketing letters in history. Mailed some over 600 million times, it brought in 20,000 orders per day and was the basis of a company that eventually sold for $75 million. Here I analyze this one-page sales letter and the reasons […]