Which Is Best For Affiliates, Instant or Long Term Payments? – Part 2

The Benefit of a Long Term Payment As An Affiliate Before we go further, we should really define what “long term” really is. Sometimes a merchant will pay you at the end of the refund period which can be as short as 30-60 days depending on the affiliate network. Sometimes the merchant will wait until […]

Which Is Best For Affiliates, Instant or Long Term Payments? – Part 1

Instant VS Long Term Payments For Affiliates There are so many different things you can promote as an affiliate. It’s exciting and freeing, really. You’re always looking for ways to maximize your earnings. You want to make sure you’re promoting high quality products that your customers will really love. But, beyond that, you want to […]


Why You Are Failing At Affiliate Marketing

If you find yourself asking “Why are my affiliate marketing efforts not working?” you aren’t alone. Anyone can make an affiliate marketing program work and become successful at it but there are several things that you need to make sure of to be able to find success. Your affiliate marketing efforts are going to need […]

Four Great Affiliate Marketing Hacks

4 Ways To Stand Out From Other Affiliate Marketers #1 – Get to Know Product Creators in Your Niche One of the best things you can do, especially if you’re promoting digital products, is to get to know the companies, brands, and individual marketers who are creating the products that you’re going to promote. When […]