You’re lucky if five out of 100 people who land on your website buy something from you. Here’s how to boost website conversions by personalizing your website for visitor.

The reason you want to personalize your website experience is because the more you can relate and personalize to that person or individual on your site, the more likely they are to convert into a customer and buy from you.

The first way you can do this is through Through, you can show people different messages depending on how many times they’ve been on your website.

So if someone’s been on your website three times, you can show them a different message than if they were visiting your website for the first time. For example, if they were on your website for the first time, like let’s say if you were on Neil Patel for the first time, there’s usually a message at the top that says, “Hey, do you want more traffic?” Yes or no?

If you say no, then it’ll give them a specific message catered to them

If you say yes, I show them a different message! I do that through Hello Bar.

And Hello Bar has many more features in which you can use to customize the experience. You can even show different messages to different people based on the referrer or if they came from a search or if they even came from a specific keyword.

The second strategy that you need to use is GeoIP. GeoIP tells you what city, state, country that someone’s coming from. You can then take that IP address and put their city within your headline copy. By doing that one little simple trick, I was able to increase my conversions by over double digits.

It was really simple, and I used for the customized GeoIP where I can put the person’s city or state or even country within my ad copy or my webpage copy.

Last but not least, create a customized experience depending on what device type the person’s using.

If they’re using a desktop computer, show ’em something different than when they’re on a mobile phone. A responsive design isn’t enough.

You may have to exclude a lot of the elements that you have on your webpage when someone’s coming from mobile because these mobile screens are so small these days you can’t put the same stuff that you can on a desktop computer.

Follow those three tactics, and you’re gonna personalize the experience and boost your conversion rates. These landing page optimization tips really do work for your digital marketing efforts.