How do you make money by giving your Value away for free? That’s the topic of today’s short video.

I want to share with you a short but insightful segment of my interview where Helen Chang asks me why I believe in adding value first BEFORE focusing on generating ROI.

This has worked on all my business activity, across multiple industries, to generate an ROI on my money, my time, my experience, my knowledge.

With Tenants I ALWAYS give them a top 10 list and free gift just for showing up to look at my rental property.

With Keyspire, we offer free valuable educational events before anyone buys our workshop.

Online I like to offer free gifts before someone buys a course from us.


You have Value.

You have a unique contribution to the world.

Watch this video and think about how you can use your value to grow your business. To grow your real estate portfolio

To raise more private money.

To find better tenants.

To find buyer and sellers.

I promise, if you focus on adding value first, with the proper customer care and follow-up your business will at least double in the next 12 months.