In this video I’m going to show you how to be successful with Facebook adverts. It really comes down to giving Facebook whats they want, they have been telling us all along that they want at least 15 pixel conversions before they even think about optimzing the advert.

Most people will stop the advert after they spend there product profit on the advert but just keep it going. Keep the Facebook advert running with the best action for you that get the most amount of conversions per week. It’s important to collect data from PPE adverts first then use that data on WC adverts to get the best results.

So you you want to be successful with you shopify store then make sure you do these Facebook advertising tips! You just waste money if you cut your adverts way to early. Using social media to make money is hard but you need to give the platform what it wants.

It it wants data then make you can give the social media platform as much data as you can. With out the data the ad can’t be optimized for anything. I hope this Facebook advertising tutorial has helped you and will help you pave the way to success. This video is great for for beginners.