The 3 Most Profitable Online Niches To Make Money From

Online Business Quiz: Are you looking to find profitable online niches for your business but don’t know where to start? If so, you aren’t alone. In this video, I share the 3 most profitable online niches to make money from. The reality is that, if you do not pick the right niche, chances are […]

What Are IFTTT Alternatives For Content Syndication?

IFTTT is a powerful and free program that is great for content syndication on many levels. However, there are other programs out there that can do some of the same basic tasks – are they any good? In this video we quickly go over some alternatives such as Zapier, Cloudwork, and Yahoo Pipes, just to […]

Content Syndication, Content Marketing Done Right

Direct Linking With Bing Ads And Clickbank Step By Step

Call To Action | 3 steps to write a strong call to action for video marketing

Talking about Call to action, How to write one. There are 3 steps to creating a strong call to action. Step 1 – Figure out your demographic. Step 2 – Figure out the problem you want to solve. Step 3 – Give your audience 1 thing to do! Hope this helps!

How To Create Niche Video Sites

How to use Screencastomatic for Screen Recording

Using Screencastomatic for Screen Recording

How To Create A Content Strategy For Your Content Marketing

Creating a content marketing strategy can be an incredibly difficult process, especially if you’re unsure of you you’re targeting, or what you’re trying to achieve. An effective content strategy is an invaluable resource, helping to structure and drive your content campaign. In this video, James explains everything you need to know about creating a winning […]