Getting traffic to your website is hard and free traffic is even harder! In this video I show you exactly how you can get free traffic to your website or blog so you can make money online.

When you first start your website you wont have anyone visiting it. You need to go out and find people online and let them know about your website.

To do that I’ve listed 6 ways you can get your free traffic in this video. Increase your blog traffic with the methods in the video. It’s getting harder in 2019 to find people so this traffic tutorial will help you do it.

Once you have started a website or blog and you have uploaded an article go and share it online using places like Pinterest, YouTube, Forums and Quora. You will be able to get clicks and visitors from those free traffic sources.

Once you have visitors you can then make money online in 2019 from your website! That’s the goal right? To make money! Now go get free traffic to your website.