Is The Money Still In The List?

As this is written, marketing via Messenger and Messenger Bots is the rage. At least that’s what every marketer seems to be telling anyone who will listen….

Does that mean email marketing as we know it is dying a slow death? Perhaps, but I like to look at things from a different perspective than most people do. Rather than relying on what someone is saying, I look at how they are saying it. If something is “about to replace email marketing” then why are they sending me an email to promote it. Why not rely on this “far more effective” shiny new software or SaaS (Software as a Service) instead of sending me a “more effective” whatever they are promoting?

Hmmmm, strange isn’t it…


The proof is not what someone says, it’s what they actually do that counts.

Another case in point is self hosted autoresponders. Every time another one is released, or re-released as is often the case your inbox gets slammed with emails proclaiming this new shiny object will replace your paid autoresponder account. Yet if you hover over their link, it’s cominng from their Aweber, GetResponse or whatever paid autoresponder they use, not this new, “email marketing miracle” they are promoting.

Now there’s no arguing the point that email open rates are at an all time low by Internet marketing standards. In reality, I honestly feel that is more of a reflection on the state of IM email marketing in general than any real massive decline in interest in emails by the people who make up the market.

Think about your own email inbox for a moment. Are there certain people who’s emails that you always open, while pretty much ignoring the majority of other senders? That is unless you know for a fact you want to buy something and are “bonus hunting” by checking out everyone’s bonus for the product.

That describes me, and I’m willing to bet you’re the same.

It all comes down to value. If you get value from someone’s emails, you are more likely to open their email and click on a link because they are not simply chasing the next affiliate commission. You know the kind of marketers I’m talking about there.

The “Shiny Object” pushers. They’re the ones driving the average down.

There is still no more powerful asset in digital marketing than a list of email subscribers. Email marketing is still the King.

Disagree? Lets talk about it in the comments…