With a blog now created, you’ll want to look for ways to increase the number of visitors your site gets. This increases not only how many people view your content, but also how much authority your site has to your visitors and search engines. In this video, we will show you 8 easy ways to increase your blog traffic.

Start by creating an audience profile and answering questions such as who is your target audience, what are their pain points, what content would they be looking for, and how can you help? You would want to take a look at the link to the OptinMonster article above for a guide on how to create a buyer persona to get you started.

Try doing keyword research starting with doing a brain dump of all your topic ideas and then running them through tools such as ahrefs, semrush, and answerthepublic to get even more ideas.

With the topics chosen, create useful content for your visitors. Don’t give them a wall of text that is hard to see, make the content thorough, readable, and add great headlines to break up the content.

You can also add content that is not only text. Try adding videos to your site, maybe a slideshow, a screencast of something you are describing, an interview with a professional, or a selfie video of you discussing the topic.

These tactics will get you started, don’t forget that search engines are also attempting to read your site so if you don’t apply SEO basics then they can’t read your content. Keywords in the title and body help them know what the content of the article is, Image alt text helps blind users and search engine crawlers know what images are depicting, internal linking lets users know of your content that is similar to this topic, and the Yoast SEO plugin will set up the framework to help search engines understand your site.

For improving your authority for your site’s visitors, work to get backlinks on other sites through guest blogging, creating roundup posts or attempting to be included in roundup posts, interview with other bloggers so you both gain viewers, and interact on your social media profiles.

Other online networking approaches are adding yourself to new social networks, joining online communities, adding yourself in other search engines(such as YouTube), and helping users on Q&A websites.

Finally, if you haven’t already, start an email list and gain those emails using optin forms to bring attention to the sign-up and offering a lead magnet to incentivize them to join your email list.