Tips on Creating a Strong Target Audience

HOW TO GROW A DEDICATED AUDIENCE | Tips on Creating a Strong Target Audience

Creating a target audience is one of the most overlooked, yet most powerful, marketing tactics. Many companies and entrepreneurs fear that targeting an audience excludes other people (who aren’t technically in their target group) from consuming their business. SO NOT TRUE. Any good marketing strategist knows that you can’t catch everyone, so the more refined your target, the better. In this video, I explain the power of effectively targeting your audience to help you weed out competition and generate more business. I give you the top three steps to determining the audience you dream to build.

1. Write down your identity factors — What makes you, you?
2. Write down your interests and passions.
3. See how you can combine your identity factors and interests
**Layering your audience is the best way. Ie. If you love African-inspired fashion and dogs, you may begin an African-inspired dog clothes line — instead of just doing a general fashion blog**

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