The Psychology of Selling | Secrets To Sell Influence & Persuade People

Do you ever feel like when you speak, want to share an idea, or try to convince someone to take some action… people don’t take you seriously?

That’s exactly how I felt as a kid growing up.

I was painfully shy and would be too afraid to speak because I worried about what people thought of me!

But around the age of 17, I told myself, “Enough is enough.”

From that point on, I made a conscious effort to work on my communication skills to show people who I was instead of always hiding in my shell.

I spent countless days studying the psychology of sales and reading books on how to persuade and influence people.

Over the years of this conscious effort, I became the person you see on camera today.

So in my latest YouTube video, I’ll be exposing the top secrets I learned throughout my journey that I’ve been able to use to become more persuasive in my personal life, but in my business life.

What people may not realize is that psychology selling is directly applicable to B2B sales. Whether you’re a sales development rep, business development rep, or any account executive, these fundamental principles of the science of persuasion still apply.

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