Why Every Email Marketer Needs A Paid Autoresponder Account

Why Every Email Marketer Needs A Paid Autoresponder Account

Why Choose A Paid Autoresponder Service?   You should know that the very best paid autoresponder services have high quality tools for you to use which they consistently update. You won’t have to worry about things being out of date or not having the analytics you need to build and manage your list effectively. Good autoresponder services have these […]

How To Transform Small Sales Into Bigger Sales

How To Transform Small Sales Into Bigger Sales

Turning Small Purchases Into Big Purchases Everyone wants big ticket sales. But the fact remains, lower priced items are way easier to sell. That’s what most people call a dilemma. Use that information the right way and the result can easily be more big ticket sales for you while still getting the easy low hanging […]

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Creating Your First Video Sales Letter

Making A Personal Connection With Video One of your main goals with a great sales letter is to capture people’s attention and make a personal connection with them. You want them to feel like you’re talking directly to them. That can be hard to do with text, though you can try with stories, bits and […]

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How To Create Great Affiliate Reviews

How to Create a Great Product Review Many affiliates have problems when it comes to creating product reviews. The problem is that their reviews either don’t contain the all information a prospective buyer wants to know, or is just a hype-fest telling you you must buy the product. Neither one will work if you want […]

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Get More Conversions With VSLs

Boosting Conversions With Video Sales Letters   Most of the time, you really have to shake things up to make more sales in online marketing. You don’t want to always do the same thing everyone else is doing. Video Sales Letters or VSLs as they are called in the business, are an exception to this […]

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How To Choose Your Lead Magnet, And Use It

There Are Many Types Of Lead Magnets Your lead magnet can come in a variety of formats. Think about what your audience is most likely to respond to. Also consider what you’re most comfortable creating. If you’re not sure which type of lead magnet to create, take a look at what really successful marketers in […]

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Creating Effective Lead Magnets For Email Marketing

Understanding How To Use Lead Magnets Effectively Email marketing is perhaps the most important topic there is when it comes to running a profitable digital business. It doesn’t matter which niche of business you’re in or what your specific goals are for business, you need to have a great and responsive email list. Of course, […]

How To Tell A Great Story

How To Tell A Great Story

How to Turn a Great Story Into Sales One of the very best ways to boost sales and conversions is to tell a great story in your copy. Don’t get trapped into thinking you can’t possibly tell a great story. You absolutely can tell a great story if you just follow the tips in this […]

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Which Is Best For Affiliates, Instant or Long Term Payments? – Part 2

Which Is Best For Affiliates, Instant or Long Term Payments? – Part 2

The Benefit of a Long Term Payment As An Affiliate Before we go further, we should really define what “long term” really is. Sometimes a merchant will pay you at the end of the refund period which can be as short as 30-60 days depending on the affiliate network. Sometimes the merchant will wait until […]