Making Money On Amazon | Selling A Digital Product

We’re continuing the Making Money On Amazon series, as we talk about selling a digital product utilizing Amazon Ignite. So, if you want an amazon ignite how to on how I do my ignite research, then stick around:

Earlier in the series I covered what is Amazon ignite and I’ll drop that link in the description, below.

If you’re doing Amazon Ignite, you’re basically selling school products online. But if you’re not a teacher, it can be difficult to figure out what digital product to sell.

I’m going to show you the resources I use to pick what digital products to sell.

Now we already know what’s allowed on Amazon Ignite because we watched this video. If you missed it, I’ll drop it in the description as well.

Now that you know what to sell on amazon, you may want to start thinking about what Name you’re going to use when you sell digital products online. Check out this video right here where I answer how to use a pen name. Or you can check out this video that YouTube says you’ll love.

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