How To Create Content Fast – 7 Content Marketing Strategy Tips

You probably already know about the business boosting, income generating, authority elevating power that content marketing can have on your business. Which means you also probably know that for it to be effective, you have to deliver quality content and you have to do it consistently.

I’ve got 7 ways to help you create great content fast without sacrificing time, sanity, or quality.  

Anyone can create content. But creating quality content that keeps your audience engaged is a whole different story.

Your customers and clients are more selective than ever before in deciding where and who to devote their time and attention to.

If you’re committed to growing your business in the long run then you know content marketing is the key, so I’ve got a few ways you can create high quality content faster than you ever thought possible.

Create Content Fast Tip #1: Have a Strategy

Our good buddy Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

This rings true in almost any aspect of marketing, and content is no exception.

So before you write that blog post, record that podcast, or script that video, get clear on who your target audience is, what type of content resonates with them and how they prefer to consume it.

Create Content Fast Tip #2: Plan Ahead

Ask most marketers and they’ll tell you their biggest struggle isn’t creating content, it’s consistently coming up with new topic ideas!

Taking the time to plan out a month’s worth of content might seem counterproductive.

But a content calendar takes much of the guesswork out of the creation process, ultimately allowing you to focus on churning out high quality content much more quickly.

Create Content Fast Tip #3: Keep an Idea Bank

It happens to all of us. Right as you’re about to fall asleep, you get a stellar idea for a Facebook Live video or topic for a new podcast episode.

Half the battle of content creation is coming up with ideas so I suggest having a system in place to shelf that golden nugget for a rainy day.

A free tool like Evernote stores and organizes your notes and is both web and mobile friendly.

Create Content Fast Tip #4: Focus on One

What if I told you one piece of content a week could cover most of your content needs?

That’s possible using the power of repurposing.

Focus on producing that single content piece with the intention of carving it up, and get more work done in half the time and with half the effort.

Create Content Fast Tip #5: Keep it simple

Simplifying your message keeps your content consumable and also requires less time to create.

Keep your supporting points clear, concise and easy for your audience to follow.

Create Content Fast Tip #6: Set a timer

We tend to drag our feet when we know there’s time to complete a project.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little pressure to produce some seriously valuable gems.

Create Content Fast Tip #7: Use The Fast Content Formula

This last tip is my personal secret weapon.

If you want to discover a way to quickly and easily deploy a high converting and profitable content marketing strategy in your business without the need to spend hours stuck at your desk or staring at the dreaded “blank screen of death” wondering what to write, then I highly encourage you to download your free copy of the Fast Content Formula by visiting

By using the simple strategies found in “The Fast Content Formula”, my clients, students, and myself, are able to create incredibly high quality pieces of content quickly and easily.

This means no more wasted hours agonizing over what to create, but instead being able to create customer generating, revenue increasing, business boosting pieces of content in as little as 15 minutes a day.

It will save you a ton of time and it’s yours free just by visiting

If you want to build a truly sustainable, profitable, and impact creating business then creating and promoting content is a necessity.

This is why it’s important to continually be on the lookout for new and improved ways to get your message out quickly and efficiently, so you can create content that connects, and then get back to work running your business.

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