Get Free Traffic Using Slide Share Sites gets about 60 million visitors per month, has an Alexa Rank of 174, and is referred to as The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing.

This strategy is similar to article marketing, but it is faster and easier than article marketing to rank in the search engines for targeted keywords.

Here is a list of Slide Sharing Sites you can upload your content to.

You can google Slide Sharing Sites for a complete listing of Slide Sharing Sites

First you should turn your content/articles into a PowerPoint slides. This is great for re-purposing your older content.

Some Tips when submitting your Slides to the Slide Sharing Sites.

Save your file name as your keyword.

Write a detailed description in the description area along with your website address link

You can’t have live links in the presentation description but you can have them in the presentation itself|

Also, given that many people don’t know that those links are live, you should also include your blog URL

Add plenty of tags (keyword variations)

Write a descriptive and Keyword Rich Title.

Put links throughout your slides.

This Free Traffic Source can bring you some targeted traffic to your site for minimal effort on your part.

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