Facebook Marketing Strategy: How To Get Free Facebook Traffic

Using these tips, many people have been able to generate well over 100 clicks to affiliate links, their website, to optin pages, and more, for every simple short post that they post on Facebook.
Here is the full step by step overview of how you can generate free traffic from Facebook using this simple marketing strategy:

STEP 1: Grow your reach

Effective Facebook Marketing requires you to have an audience.

You can easily build an audience on Facebook with an individual profile, and with a business profile.

The strategy I show in the video can be used by small business as well as individuals with equal success.

You can go into Groups on Facebook, and find groups that are in your niche (such as weight loss, make money, etc).

Then, follow the ideas in my video to grow your friend list to as many as you can (5000 is maximum).

Once you have 5000 friends that are all targeted to your niche, you can easily move on to the next step, which is…

STEP 2: Start Your Social Media Marketing Machine!

For Facebook marketing to work, you need to get as much engagement as possible on your posts.

If you post something… And then it gets 50 comments and lots of likes, then Facebook will be quite likely to show it to a huge number of your friends (since your post is kinda “viral” :).

Follow the steps in my video to create awesome posts that get tons of likes and comments – and enjoy free facebook traffic with each post you make.

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