Facebook Ads Targeting Tutorial – Engagement Audiences & Retargeting Video Views

Retargeting video views on Facebook is one of the best advertising strategies for 2019. This video shows how to setup the video engagement audiences so you can target them with your ads!

With the right Facebook ads targeting, you can reach the best quality prospects for your sales funnel. With the wrong Facebook targeting, you’ll never make a sale!

This strategy is great for beginners and pro’s alike. I prefer to start with either publishing videos organically to your fanpage or publishing live videos.

Right now in the Facebook algorithm, video content is getting prioritized in reach… Live videos are getting even more boost.

When you target your most engaged video viewers with your ads to the top of your sales funnel you have a high likelihood of increasing your conversion rate in your funnel and lowering your cost per lead and cost per customer acquisition.

You can also create lookalike audiences for these video view audiences which you’ll see exactly how to do in this video.

Regardless whether you target video views or website visitors, the custom audiences you target are the make or break for your Facebook campaigns.

This video reveals the best Facebook targeting for 2019 which is retargeting video views.

You will get to follow along and watch step by step as I show you how to setup these custom audiences in your Facebook ads manager through this tutorial.

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