Direct Marketing Campaigns

Direct Marketing Campaigns

In this free Direct Marketing video, Sonny Tee starts off by going over the best direct marketing campaigns and then going over Brand Awareness vs Direct response marketing and the Strategies that are beneficial to you as a small direct response marketing company.

As I go through this direct marketing explanation I want you to also remember that direct mail and Informercials are still alive and well and the direct marketing tips that I am talking about in this video are evergreen and relevant, even in 2019 and beyond.

In the middle of this direct marketing fundamentals video, I also talk about infomercial strategy and the fact that your direct response marketing is nothing more than a simple math equation. Gary Halbert said that in one of his famous seminars.

Gary Bencivenga also talks about direct mail techniques in his farewell videos.

Telemarketing, Direct mail, Infomercial, online marketing, and even email marketing are all forms of direct marketing and you should try any strategy that brings you results and after you get positive results you can use that same campaign on any direct response channel.

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