Digital Sales Funnel Example – Sales Funnels For Beginners | How To Create A Simple Sales Funnel

In this video we are going to cover Digital Marketing Sales Funnels examples and how to leverage these in your business.

And how you can use these sales funnel examples in your own business processes.

In the previous videos we covered the Digital Marketing Funnel stages and the upper and middle stages of a funnel and described the AIDA model.

Today we are looking at the middle stage of the sales funnel, the Sales Conversion System and how you can leverage this for your business.

The Sales Conversion System is a key process of the sales funnel to generate you profit and growth in your business. So we will look here at some Digital Sales Funnel examples and how we can get these work to bring some essential automation into your business.

So at this stage of the funnel we have established the customer awareness and our aim now is to build the relationship and establish trust. Or develop further the prospects Interest and Desire of the AIDA model.

So with the use of these you will see that they can start to save you effort and costs in your sales and marketing processes and the automation that we can introduce means that they can run for you non stop 24 hours a day.

We do this by bringing the power of the Sales Conversion System with automation within the Digital Sales Funnel

In this Digital Funnel Example we are going to use the simplest Example Sales Funnel we can achieve and this is with email automation.

The process of email automation was one of the first methods to automate the sales funnel and it still achieves this very well today.

In the email Digital Sales Funnel Example the automation is provided by the email service provider so it is very easy to setup for any business.

And if it is also very affordable for any business.

In this Digital Sales Funnel Example video we will illustrate how this works for a small business selling a product online.

Once you start to use these you will really appreciate the benefit and they become more effective over time as the process is cumulative.

This simple email strategy explained in the video and complete beginners template structure you can use in your own marketing to create your own perfect structure to sell your own products or services online.

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