Direct digital marketing is marketing through an email address, a web browser or a mobile phone number. Traditional direct marketing was achieved using a customer’s postal address. Traditional marketing communications are divided into two primary types: direct marketing and mass marketing. Direct marketing is a marketing method that uses such things as a consumer’s postal […]

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3 Simple Steps you can start using TODAY to build a STRONG Personal Brand! These are basic tips and strategies for aspiring online entrepreneurs and those who want to start building their personal brand using social media.

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Getting unlimited traffic to your website is not easy nowadays. There are a lot of traffic sellers but you cannot relay on them. Direct traffic, alexa traffic, free traffic and there are a lot of categories under their websites. But you have to be careful when you buy that kind of website traffic. Most of […]

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Let’s face it, if you’re not using retargeting ads you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. In this video we’ll show you expert advertising tactics on how to write exciting ads that convert. Why do retargeting ads work? In this beginners guide to advertising we’ll discuss marketing tactics like using hot and cold retargeting to […]

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If you have no subscribers, who’s going to watch your videos? Yes, I could end up breaking down, boring, old, simple YouTube marketing tips, but you know what? If you have no money, you have no subscribers, they’re going to be hard, and you’re not going to get that great of results. 0:40 Today I’m […]