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How To Find Your Target Market On Facebook

Did you know that you could find your target market on Facebook? Facebook has groups and pages are perfect for scouting your niche. In this video, Marianne DeNovellis shows us how to go about it.

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Website Conversion: Why Visitors Leave Your Website Right Away

Improving your website conversion rate is a difficult task. There are literally dozens of reasons why visitors are leaving your website right away. I’ve been there. I’ve obsessed over my website’s bounce rate, pageviews and time on page. Here’s how you can improve all of these website metrics TODAY.

What is a website conversion rate?

First of all, what is a “conversion rate”? When talking to potential clients, we get this question a lot. What’s a conversion rate for a website? How can I calculate it? Let’s take a quick moment to go over what this means from a high level so you’ll hopefully have a slightly better understanding of […]

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