Branding Basics— How To Build Trust In Your Brand

How do you get your audience to trust your brand? How do you turn your audience into fans? Creating purpose-driven stories, experiences, brands with Alex Antolino.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is more important than ever. The best way to accomplish that is to build a meaningful, recognizable brand for your business. A brand needs to build trust with their audience so the audience can see that.

In this video Alex and Matthew talk about how to get more personality into your brand. When brands begin to be like people, than your brand becomes more than just something that sells a product or service.

0:36 – How does a brand develop Trust?
01:36 – How to build trust with a person – Ability
01:50 – How to develop benevolence, do you care?
01:57 – What integrity means when building trust
02:18 – Look at brands like you look at people
02:29 – Identity – How does the brand look and talk to its customers?
02:39 – Your brands identity is more than just the logo
03:20 – How to get fans
04:05 – How should you talk to your customers as a brand?

3 things you need:

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