Best Ways for Creators to Build an Email List on Gumroad

In this Creator workshop, our Head Of Community Randall Kanna talks about the process of building an email list as a creator.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:07 – Need for an Email List
00:03:52 – Finding your Target Audience
00:09:40 – Creating a Lead Magnet
00:16:14 – Key Points
00:20:14 – Right Time to Invest in Ads
00:23:46 – Choosing between a Personal and a Business Account
00:25:24 – Pricing your Products
00:28:57 – Email List Learning Resources
00:30:41 – Setting up a Gumroad Email List
00:31:11 – Choosing between a Free and a Paid Product
00:33:53 – Adding Email List Subscribers via Twitter
00:37:47 – Randall’s Email List Journey
00:41:09 -Tips on Releasing a Paid Product

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