5 Tips For Writing KILLER Subject Lines – Email Marketing for Ninjas

Today we’re talking about 5 tips on how to write killer subject lines!

A good subject line is so important cause you can change just a few words and increase your open rate from 10% to 20% – that’s doubling your possible profit by just adding or switching up a few words! Here are a few things you could do to your emails to get more clicks:

Your subject line should reflect something that’s going away. Make them feel like “it’s gotta happen now! What I’m offering is relevant right now!”.

While it does seem clickbait-y, spark curiosity. Go with lines like “You won’t believe…” or “Guess what happened when…” to get people to wonder and ultimately click on your email.

Data shows that more people open an email if their name is in the subject line. Some programs allow you to start of emails with “Hey [name], look at…” and that draws the person in. Bonus: it also helps get past some spam blockers!

Is what you’re talking about relevant now? Is it up-to-date or what your audience wants to know right now?

Take someone and use their name some way in your subject line. Take a name that’s relevant to your niche and talk about it – “President Trump did what?”, “Chris Evans favorite cheat meal”, etc.

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